Welcoming blooms


I always pictured the drive up to my house being lined with flowering cherry trees, so that it was like walking through a tunnel of cherry blossoms . . . the years later, my baby trees have grown into exactly how I envisioned them!

flowering cherries along the driveway 2

To me, cherry blossom season is always a reminder to stop and smell the flowers – literally – because they bloom for only one week of out of the entire year, or two at most.  It always makes me think about how fleeting most things in life are, and how important it is to take the time to enjoy them while we can.  All it takes is a few days, a spring rainstorm, and a little wind, and I won’t get to marvel at these beauties for another year!

flowering cherries along the driveway 3

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2 comments on “Welcoming blooms

  1. wow!

  2. You are so right about life being fleeting so important to live in the moment… like savoring the fragrance and sights of the blooming trees.

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