Maude cardigan redux

Maude cardigan redux 1

I’m in love with Quince & Co’s new Owl Tweet yarn, and I knew that there wasn’t a more perfect knitting project for it than the Maude Cardigan, so I made an exception to my “never knit the same pattern twice” rule 🙂  This time, I experimented with a closer fit – I really liked the oversized result of my first Maude (size 44″) but I wanted to see what it would look like if I knit it with less positive ease, so I knit this one in size 40″, which gave me about 2-3″ of positive ease.

I used 12 skeins of color Jay (although I just barely broke into the last skein, just to finish up the final pocket) and again knit on the recommended US 7 needles.

Maude cardigan redux 2

The feel and texture of this yarn is indescribable – you have to see it and feel it!  I love how the color is so saturated, and how the tweediness lets bright pops of color through and then gives you a deep, dense blue.  This is one of the most beautiful yarns I’ve ever knit with – I hope that Quince & Co comes up with lots of patterns that show it off!

I’m not sure which fit I prefer – I’m leaning toward the larger, more slouchy fit of my first Maude, but this one wears well, too.  I might have knit it a little shorter, in retrospect – given the closer fit, I wouldn’t really be able to button the bottom two buttons, so maybe two inches shorter?  Either way, I can’t say enough good things about this pattern and the yarn!

This is my sixth adult sweater of 2014 – although I think it’s doubtful that I can keep up the pace of two sweaters a month!

Maude cardigan redux 3

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