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A new set of patterns from Tanis Fiber Arts, yay!  I’m always happy to find a new excuse to knit with her yummy yarn 🙂  Tanis has just released a new collection of baby knits, and I’m working my way through the patterns, starting with Frosted Alpine Hat.  This is a great hat pattern because it’s sized all the way from infant to adult, and its possibilities for color work are endless!

I first knit the baby-sized hat (unfortunately, I have no baby to checking sizing against) with TFA Green Label Aran Weight in colors Natural, Lemongrass, and Mallard (all from my stash).  The hat is knit from the top down, which is a lot of fun, on US 7s, which results in a fairly thick fabric – perfect for a warm hat.  I love all of the little details – the earflaps, the braided ties, and the pompom on top.

colored sprinkles hats 2

I made no modification except that, instead of crocheting around the edges of the earflaps, I picked up and knitted one row (with right side facing) and then bound off on the very next row, which resulted in a nicely defined edge.  I found that it was important to pick up every stitch (that is, knit into the bumps and the strands) so that it didn’t pull the edges of the earflap too tight.  I thought about continuing the edging around the rest of the hat, because I was worried that the edges were curling too much, but I decided to block it first – that seemed to do the trick, by and large, and I kind of like how it turns up a little.

colored sprinkles hats 3

Next, I knit the child size hat in stash colors of Natural, Pink Grapefruit, and Frost (do I have a lot of TFA stash yarn or what:!)  I can attest that this hat fits my nine-year-old daughter snugly – for any larger/older child, I would knit the adult size.

I completed each of these hats in an evening – it is so fun to see how the colors blend together!  I wouldn’t typically have put together something like the grapefruit and frost colors, but since I was working off of what was available in my stash, I gave it a try, and really like the end result.  I plan on making a whole bunch of these hats for Christmas gifts next year, since one of my very favorite parts of knitting is finding new and different ways to put colors together 🙂

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  1. You’ve done such a great job with these hats and I love that you worked with your stash to come up with colour combo’s that you may not have thought of otherwise. Beautiful FO’s!

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