Hester hat and mitts

Hester hat and mitts set 1

I knit up this quick gift set as an excuse to get to use Sincere Sheep’s Bannock yarn again, this time purchased from my LYS (I love it when my local yarn store stocks such great regionally local indie yarns!)  This time I used color Hester, and one generous skein allowed me to make both the mitts and the hat, with some still left over.  My oldest daughter is doing a great job with “spontaneous modeling” in the photo above 🙂

Hester hat and mitts set 2

The mitts pattern is Vancouver Fog – I did a total of 3 cable repeats (instead of four, to keep the mitts a little shorter in length).  I knit on US 7 dpns, which gave me a nice finished fabric – springy, but not too tight or stiff.

Hester hat and mitts set 3

The hat pattern is Turn A Square hat – I skipped the cast-on in the pattern and just went with a long-tail cast on with US 5s, then switched to US 7s after 1″ of ribbing.  After ribbing with the Hester color, I alternated every other stitch with color Cumulus – it took a lot longer, but I really like the effect.  I was able to keep the colors alternating even through the crown decreases, all the way to the end.  The hat is a true beanie fit – it’s not at all slouchy, but I think that it’s just the right length to give good coverage.

I love these kind of (relatively) instant gratification projects!  Intermittently, I’ve been hacking away at a sport-weight sweater – I can only handle it in short bursts, otherwise the lack of demonstrable progress drives me crazy . . .

Hester hat and mitts set 4

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  1. Lovely spring color for a nice set.

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