Jewel tones baby blanket

jewel tones baby blanket 1

Next time I start to knit a blanket – even a baby blanket – remind me how long it takes to actually knit an entire blanket, okay?  Actually, as far as blankets go, this one came together pretty quickly – but then again, that’s as far as blankets go, we’re not talking about whipping up a pair of mitts and a hat here.

This is a new Tanis Fiber Arts pattern called Keyfit Baby Blanket, and it’s pretty ingenious how she constructs the diamond shape through intarsia knitting.  That said, there was a fair amount of seaming involved, although I found it to be pretty easy and it didn’t require a whole lot of concentration.

jewel tones baby blanket 2

I picked the TFA Sweet Palette, which gives you eight colors of TFA Yellow Label DK weight yarn in just the right amounts (they’re less than full skeins, and I always had plenty of yarn with just enough left over as to never worry that I would run out).  When they’re all sewn, the together, the overall effect appears jewel-toned to me.  I knit and assembled the colors randomly, without any real planning, because I didn’t want a pattern to the colors.  Overall, I like how they look when they’re all sewn together.

I completely failed to anticipate how long – and how much yarn – the border would take, however.  I think it’s over 500 stitches once all of the borders are picked up!  I used some TFA stash yarn (color Dove in a fingering weight, held doubled) and run out before I was even halfway through.  I found some other matching yarns in my stash that gave me a few more rows, but then had to decide whether to purchase another yarn to finish it off, or just call it good.  It  was an easy decision – I was really burned out by then and ready to be done!  So, I knit only the first six rows of the border portion and then bound off.  I love the picot edging in the pattern, but I’m just as happy with how mine creates a naturally rolling edge – plus, I got to quit halfway through, and I didn’t have to seam then entire thing down (which would have taken a LONG time), so in the end, I’m glad that I ran out of yarn 🙂

jewel tones baby blanket 3

I like the blanket in many different colors, but I think it would be just as beautiful in a gradient of very similar colors – or, I would love to see it in just two contrasting colors (one for the diamonds and one for the surrounding pieces).  The DK weight yarn knit on US 7 needles makes for a wonderful, drapey fabric that’s light but warm – it would also be fun to try in with worsted weight yarn on a little bigger needles (maybe US 9s or 10s), just to see what you’d get.  Hmmm . . . I think I could be talked into doing another one of these in two contrasting colors with worsted weight yarn . . .

jewel tones baby blanket 4

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3 comments on “Jewel tones baby blanket

  1. So fabulous. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the knit, even with all the seams! Your solution for the border is perfect. Looks totally intentional. I’ll be anxiously awaiting your 2 colour worsted weight version! 😉

  2. It’s beautiful!! love the palette you chose.

  3. It is so lovely, and so worth the time. I know, it takes forever (I finished one recently I started in December). but it is so worth it. Although I’ve never tried in DK, the only blankets I made were either worsted or bulky – and that is much quicker. These colors are beautiful together, well done.

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