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Fun and quick project from Quince & Co – I used one of the new colors of Sparrow yarn (100% organic linen) named Viburnum.  The pattern is Dejeuner Bag, and it’s perfect for my Saturday mornings at the Portland Farmers Market.  The pattern called for 4 skeins, knit double- stranded – I had a fair amount of the final skein left over.  I used US 9s (instead of the recommended US 10s) because I had them in 24″ circulars, and by keeping my gauge intentionally loose, I ended up with a nice finished fabric.

I was initially stumped by the instructions for knitting the handle – somehow, they didn’t make sense to me, and a drawing would have really helped!  But I finally just gave it a go, and I think I did it right.  It seemed odd to me that there was no finished edge (other than the bind-off) along the top of the bag between the two straps of each handle, but I guess that gives it an intentionally soft look.

linen market bag 2

When complete, the bag will initially look very boxy, but remember that it will stretch as soon as you put anything in it!  Also, it’s important to block it – I washed it on cold in the washing machine, then tumbled it dry until it was damp, and finally hung it to dry. ‘

I’m intrigued by Quince & Co’s linen yarn – I like how it’s organically sourced, and I love the new colors that they’re experimenting with.  I’m usually reluctant to knit a lot of apparel with fingering weight yarn, but this yarn is tempting enough that I think I’ll give it a try.  I’m also fascinated with how the yarn changes when it’s washed and dried – I’d like to experiment with different swatches and see how hand washing / hand drying vs machine washing and drying changes the look and texture of the fabric.

Thanks Quince & Co for yet another irresistible yarn!

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  1. It’s lovely. I love linen too, and your bag is very boho chic. Reminds me of what our grandmothers used in France to go shopping.

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