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Plucky crew sweater 1

I just can’t resist any new project that uses Plucky yarn, and this was no exception.  I wasn’t sure that this design from Amy Miller would look good on me – horizontal stripes are not always my friend, and I didn’t know if the buttons going down the sides would gap a lot unless I made such a large size that it looked like a circus tent 🙂  But, I thought it might look really nice on my almost 14-year-old daughter, who is now wearing women’s sized clothes (and therefore opening up a whole new world of what I can knit for her!)

Plucky crew sweater 2

I purchased the Crew kit from The Plucky Knitter and knit size XS on US 3s (for the ribbing) and US 5s.  The yarn is Primo Sport in colors High Cotton (1 skein), Eat Cake (1 skein), and After Dark (4 skeins).  I made no modifications, and really liked how the construction came together.  I wasn’t sure about seaming it raglan sleeves, but it worked well.

At first I thought that I wouldn’t do the buttons because other knitters wrote about how the edges of the front and back pieces were curling under, even after being blocked; instead, I thought that I would perhaps seam the sides together.  However, once I got the pieces put together, I actually like how the sides curl under – it gives them a finished edge, and I don’t think it looks poorly at all.

Plucky crew sweater 3

I didn’t knit in buttonholes because oftentimes, since knits are so stretchy, they can really pull wide and gap when you have buttons at a point that will take a lot of stretching and pressure.  Instead, once I decided that I wanted buttons, I purchased small ones (probably only 1/4″) and just sewed them on where I wanted them to go and pushed them through the knitting.  This makes for a much more secure hold – it wouldn’t work if you were actually going to be buttoning and unbuttoning them  a lot, but I think that the wearer will keep all of the buttons buttoned at all times, except for perhaps the last one or two rows.

Plucky crew sweater 4

I really like the finished product, but it was a little long for my 5’3″ daughter – I probably should have shortened it about an inch.  Of course, my daughter decided that she didn’t like how the sweater looked on her, so I thought, what the heck, and tried it on myself.  Surprise, surprise – it actually fits pretty well!  I can’t remember the last time I fit into a size XS, but I guess that’s the beauty of the stretchy fabric that knitting creates 🙂  The only place that feels a little snug is the upper arm, but I think the sleeve is supposed to be a close fit, anyway.

I’m still not sure whether the fit is that flattering – not to mention the horizontal stripes – except for the most stick-straight body type, and I can’t quite put my finger on what it is that doesn’t sit well with me.  On the plus side, the yarn was wonderful to knit with, and the finished fabric is so light that I think this sweater can easily be worn well into spring.

Plucky crew sweater 5

With all of the wonderful Plucky colors, you could make endless varieties of this one!  I love how many of the Plucky projects focus on combining two – or more! – colors, since color play is, to me, one of the best parts of knitting.

Plucky crew sweater 6

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  1. This looks fantastic on you!!! I was popping over to see how you were doing on your Paloma. But i’m impressed you are already done your Crew!! Good job.

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