The Purl Soho Pup

Purl Soho Pup 1

What a great sewing kit – another genius project by Purl Soho!  I love how the entire kit came all ready to go, and in a clever cylinder package, no less 🙂  The project involved basic sewing steps:  I  cut out the template, cut out the pieces from the wool and cotton fabrics, sewed them together on the machine, stuffed the wiener dog and sewed the hole closed with a blind stitch, then used embroidery thread to sew on the eyes and nose.  All done!

Purl Soho Pup 4

The sewing was made very doable by the clear directions an the helpful color photos in the pattern.  I struggled a little with the points – you know, where you sew up to a point, but you can’t sew beyond that point because you’ll ruin the “V” shape that three intersecting points make.  I always have problems getting that just perfect, but this fabric was pretty forgiving, and I think it came out fine.

Purl Soho Pup 2

He’s so cute!  I have some leftover wool from a different project, so I might whip up a batch of these guys, all with different cotton accent fabrics.  Then we could have a wiener dog parade 🙂

Here are the supplies you’ll need – of course, you can just buy the kit from Purl Soho and it’s all provided in one convenient set!

* One fat quarter of Dorr Mill wool yardage (color Oatmeal)
* One fat eighth of Kokka Large Gingham fabric (color Beige)
* Brown embroidery floss, needle, and cotton thread
* 6 ounces of Poly-Fil stuffing

Purl Soho Pup 3

The wool is perfect for this project because it allows you to stuff the dog really tightly; sometimes other fabrics are too stretchy, and by the time you get enough stuffing in the animal, the fabric has stretched out into all sorts of weird shapes.  You really do want to stuff him as tightly as possible: I used up the entire 6 ounces of Poly-Fil, even though it looked like way more than I would need.

If you sew him up, send me a photo – I’d love to see your version!

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