Purples in the garden

delphinium 1

The delphiniums are in bloom!  I’ve tried to grow these gorgeous perennials for years, with minimal success – mostly, I think, because of slugs and possibly the other mice, voles, etc we have so many of in the garden who like to nibble on fresh new plant shoots.

delphinium 2

However, this past year, I moved all of the delphinium plants into my new raised beds, and as you can see, they really like it here!  I think that after the blooming season, I’ll move the lilies that are sharing the bed with them and plant a full bed’s worth – I’d like to get some in whites and light blues, to round out my blue to purple color spectrum.

delphinium 3

I think that delphinium growing in the garden are beautiful, particularly in big groupings up against a fence or a wall.  Unfortunately, I need to grow mine in beds, which doesn’t give the same effect, but I think they’re still worth growing.  They don’t make the best cut flowers – I combine them with other varieties in a vase for best effect, and when they die, they really make a mess, shedding petals everywhere.  That’s why I like them best growing in the yard 🙂

delphinium 4

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