Elementary, My Dear Watson

waffle hat 1

What a great name for a yarn color!  This is the (relatively) new yarn Snug, from The Plucky Knitter (70% merino / 20% cashmere / 10% alpaca).  Wow, is it nice to work with!  A bulky weight, with such luxurious fibers, the feeling is hard to beat.

waffle hat 2

I had one 110-yard skein and managed to make the Close Knit Waffle Hat, with yarn leftover.  I used US 9s and did 7 repeats of the four-row pattern (instead of 6), but otherwise knit without mods.  I love how it came out – the yarn is shown off beautifully by the waffle pattern, and it’s stretchy but snug – in fact, it fits both me and my husband equally well.

I finished the hat in two half-evening stretches, and while I won’t get any use out of it for a while, a whole bunch of one-skein purchases in fun colors would make great Christmas gifts!

waffle hat 3

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