A quilted thank-you

thank-you quilt 1

This time of year always brings a flood of projects to be given as thank-yous and goodbyes to the many teachers and coaches in my children’s lives.  This quilt is a farewell gift to the dance instructor who has taught them for many years in their theatre program.

The center panel is cut from one of the girls’ old program t-shirts.  Initially, I was going to make the quilt out of diagonal blocks of white and yellow (these are the program colors, along with black) but instead, I chose to go with something more colorful.  I used different solids and a single white fabric from my stash to create a rainbow effect.

Stagecoach quilt 2

To quilt it, I stitched four diagonal lines radiating from the corners of the center block.  Then I measured halfway between each line and stitched, then halfway between each of those lines and stitched again.  The effect is that of evenly spaced lines radiating out from the center.

Stagecoach quilt 3

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