Kestrel linen top

Kestrel linen top 1

The perfect summer knit – I had fun playing with Quince & Co’s new yarn Kestrel, and I finished it in less than a week!  The pattern is North Fork, and I knit size M (40″ bust).  I ended up using 6 skeins of Cove and one skein of Senza.  I got gauge on US 10s and also used US 9s for the sleeves, per the pattern instructions.

Kestrel linen top 4

My MC was Cove, which I used until I reached the Stripe Sequence portion of the pattern.  From that point on, I knit as follows (MC = Cove, CC = Senza):
7 rounds MC
3 rounds CC
Knit this stripe sequence 6 times total

Once I switched to the hem, I knit in MC for 4 rounds (instead of 6), then knit the rest of the hem as instructed.

Kestrel linen top 2

I wanted a little longer sleeves (I don’t like really short sleeves because I think they make my upper arms look big!)  Also, I usually find that I need wider sleeves at the armhole opening than patterns call for.  To accommodate, I picked up 8 stitches (instead of 3) after transferring the sleeve stitches from waste yarn to my needles.  Then:
Knit 3 rounds
Knit decrease round
Knit 11 rounds
Knit decrease round 1 more time
Bind off

My only other modification is that I didn’t use the stretchy bind-off – I almost never find this to be necessary, and I don’t really like how it looks.  I just bound off with a knit stitch, taking care to keep my bind-off loose (but not too loose), and it kept the edges neat and tidy.

Kestrel linen top 3

I wet blocked the top on my blocking board to keep the bottom edges from curling too much, then tossed it in the dryer when it was still damp, which made it much softer and gave it a nice drape.  I like how it came out, although the colors are a little muted.  I think I would have knit it an inch or two longer, although maybe linen grows and stretches – I can’t remember, does it?


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