Orchid gradient

Orchid gradient scarf 1

The perfect pattern for this beautiful gradient of yarns!

Pattern:  Vector (scarf size)

Yarn:  Black Trillium Gradient Kit – Pebble Sock (100% superwash merino) – 5 127-yard mini-skeins in Orchid colorway

Needles:  US 6s

Orchid gradient scarf 2

I knit 65 garter ridges for each color, which used up almost all of each of the mini-skeins.  I decided to knit just a single gradient – light to dark – instead of light to dark and back to light again, as the pattern called for.

Orchid gradient scarf 3

It’s a lot of garter stitch, but moved along quickly, and I really like how the scarf is on the bias.  The stitch pattern for the edging worked perfectly – it makes the edges just a little more defined, so they lie smoothly and don’t roll at all.  I wet blocked the scarf but it didn’t need blocking wires.  It’s long, but since it feels very lightweight, it works well to wrap it twice around my neck and still have lengths that drape down either side.

Orchid gradient scarf 4

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