Paloma cardigan

Paloma cardigan 1

I love this style of cardigan – slouchy, oversize, knit from bulky yarn and incredibly comfortable!  The stitch pattern is kind of a double seed stitch, and it really adds to the “cushy” feeling, as does the yarn — Plucky Bulky in color Opaline.

Paloma cardigan 2

The pattern is Paloma and I knit it on US 10s.  I chose to knit size 41.25″, which gives me about 3″ of positive ease – a few inches bigger than I’d usually go when choosing a sweater size to knit, but it was supposed to fit oversized, and the 41.25″ corresponded to a “medium” on the pattern, which is usually the best fit for me.  The body is knit in one piece, and the sleeves are knit separately and set in, then the button band is knit on last.

Paloma cardigan 3

Even though it’s a large sweater, it knit up quickly.  My only problem was that I ran out of yarn – I only had 5 skeins to begin with, and ultimately needed 7.  Because it’s Plucky yarn, you can’t just order more, and I tried for months to find additional skeins through the Plucky destash page, or at their periodic yarn sales, but Opaline is a new Plucky color, and it was only made available one time.

Paloma cardigan 4

Desperate, I trolled the Ravelry stash pages for Bulky Opaline yarn, and found only a single stash.  I contacted my fellow Pluckster, and even though she had a project in mind for the yarn, she generously saved my knitting project by agreeing to sell me the two skeins in her stash.  Hooray!  As it turned out, I did need both additional skeins, although I have over half of the second skein left over.

Paloma cardigan 5

I was nervous about blocking the FO because it’s so big and heavy, I didn’t want it to stretch any bigger, but I knew it needed blocking to smooth out the button bands and the sleeve seams.  I wish I could learn how to steam block, but I’m not really sure how to go about it, so I very carefully wet blocked – initially, the bottoms of the button bands stretched out, making the fronts of the cardigan longer than the back, so I re-wet just those sections and scrunched them up where they should be while they were drying, and got the cardigan back to the shape I was looking for.  I’m going to wear it a few times and decide if it feels too big – if so, I may try re-blocking it, or tossing it in the dryer for just a few minutes while it’s still damp.

Paloma cardigan 6

The size was a good call – it’s a little long (because I’m so short!) and I think it would have made it 1-2″ shorter, in retrospect, but I’m glad I went with the 41.25″ because if I ever want to wear it buttoned, anything smaller wouldn’t have closed without puckering or gapping.

Paloma cardigan 8

The feel and color of the yarn is perfect for this pattern – it’s hard to see in the photos, but I love how the yarn isn’t completely solid, but instead has sections that are more (or less) dyed, which I think looks much prettier  than when it’s just one solid color.  I think that the light, almost spring-like color of the yarn helps to offset the bulky look of the cardigan.  The final two skeins were a darker color than my original skeins, which isn’t a problem for the button bands, but I can see a line on the second sleeve – oh well, I don’t think it’s too noticeable, and I was so grateful to be able to complete the sweater, I don’t care about the slight color difference at all – if just gives it a little character 🙂

Here is one of my daughter’s attempts at “creative” photography:

Paloma cardigan 7

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