A photo essay of hydrangeas

hydrangeas 16

Advance warning – I went a little crazy photographing all of the hydrangeas in my gardens today!  To be fair, we have at least a dozen different varieties, and they’re all so drop-dead gorgeous that I can never choose a favorite . . . so this time, instead of trying to choose, I’ve included them all 🙂  I love how many different ways there are to highlight the beauty of hydrangeas in photos, but in truth, nothing can match how transfixing they are to me when I stroll through the garden at dusk, just as the sun is setting.

hydrangeas 1

hydrangeas 2



hydrangeas 3

hydrangeas 4

hydrangeas 5

hydrangeas 6

hydrangeas 7

hydrangeas 8

hydrangeas 9






hydrangeas 7

hydrangeas 9

hydrangeas 10

hydrangeas 10

hydrangeas 11

hydrangeas 12

hydrangeas 13

hydrangeas 14

hydrangeas 15

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  1. Beautiful!

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