A sea of lavender

lavender 4

I think that one of the most stunning ways to landscape a walkway is to edge it on both sides with lavender – I still remember the front walk at a bed & breakfast on Lopez Island in the San Juans, where we stayed every year, and when we had our house built, I wanted a front walkway just like that.  Because I had so much room to work with here, I added lavender borders in the rose garden and the walkway leading up to the vegetable garden, too.

lavender 2

And, as an added bonus, the bees in our hive seem to be particularly grateful for the lavender – the bushes fairly hum when you’re near them right now!  I’m looking forward to the idea of getting lavender honey in the fall.

lavender 1Every time I plant new lavender, I try out a different variety – I don’t make note of all of the names, but it’s amazing how different they look!  Some have grey foliage, some grow more in a bushy mound, while others grow tall, straight stalks.  I’ve got Spanish lavender planted on sunny berms, and even pink lavender:

lavender 3

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