Teeny tiny cherry pies

tiny cherry pies 1

I’ve planted several pie cherry trees in my fruit tree orchard, and they’re finally starting to produce, but between what the birds eat, what we can reach, and how much time we’re willing to spend picking (and pitting!) the cherries, we don’t end up with a whole heck of a lot to show for it.  This year, we managed to harvest just enough pie cherries to make use of two of my tiny, individual-sized pie dishes.  Aren’t they cute?

tiny cherry pies 2

The pies were actually delicious – we got the balance of sweet and tart just right, and the filling wasn’t gooey, like it so often is with cherry pies.  I thought there would be too much crust vs filling in these tiny pies, but I didn’t find that to be the case at all, and amazingly, the pies baked perfectly, without even burning on the edges!  (I think it helped to cover them with foil partway through, once they started to brown).

tiny cherry pies 3

We used my mom’s tried-and-true oil pastry pie crust recipe, which gives you that perfect light, flakey crust.  These little pie dishes are perfect, because otherwise, I always end up with a ton of pie left over, and of course, I feel obligated to eat it – waste not, want not, right?  🙂

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