Urban Hiker

Urban Hiker 1

The details really give this jacket a nice finished look – the twisted stitch band along the front and the tops of the sleeves helps to avoid an overload of bulky yarn stockinette stitch.

Urban Hiker 2


* Pattern:  Urban Hiker by Tin Can Knits (the cool thing about this pattern is it’s sized for small children, all the way through adult – I knit size child’s 8-10)

* Yarn:  Plucky Knitter Snug (70% merino, 20% cashmere, 10% alpaca) – 5 1/2 skeins (110 yds/ea) of color High Cotton

* Needles:  US 9s (this made the fabric pretty dense, but I think it worked well for a jacket, which needs a lot of structure to look and fit right)

Urban Hiker 3

I knit the pattern without mods, and decided I wanted a zipper closure to provide a pop of color – you can order just about any color or length of zipper at Zipperstop on Esty, which is a great resource, since for some reason I find it difficult to locate a good variety of separating zippers at our local sewing stores.  Also, because it’s a separating zipper, you can’t adjust the length by just cutting it off and sewing a “backstop” at the bottom, so you really have to be able to get the length right.

In the past, I’ve hand sewn zippers in, which is very painstaking and laborious – this time, I tried machine sewing in the zipper, and it worked perfectly!  Now I won’t have any reason to dread sewing zippers into my finished hand knits 🙂  I’m still not sure how I feel about how zippers look in knitted sweaters – I think it’s because a zipper has no give, which is so counter to the natural give of knit fibers.  I found that it was really important that the zipper not be too long – in fact, I went with a little shorter zipper, just to make sure that the knitting didn’t get stretched while being sewn onto the zipper, because that seems to make the zipper bump and buckle, which doesn’t look very flattering!

Urban Hiker 4

I’m not sure I’m completely happy with the fit on my 9 1/2 year old daughter – it’s pretty bulky, definitely a jacket (as opposed to a sweater).  The sleeves came out uber-long – I could have shortened them by at least 4″ – and the body is long, too.  I think it may look better by this winter – or maybe next winter! – if she grows into it a little.

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