Fabric as art

fabric as art 1

I love finding new, creative ways to use fabric as art – simple and uncomplicated, yet beautiful!  This one was inspired by a similar display at Modern Domestic – while I was there, I bought the wood embroidery hoops and a few fat quarter cotton solids in yummy pink, peach and sorbet colors.

I ironed them, stretched them in the frames and pulled out any wrinkles, trimmed off the excess fabric around the edges of the frames, and hung them from the ceiling with thumb tacks and thin gauge wire – couldn’t be easier!

fabric as art 2

I love how the sun comes through and shows off the colors, and how they add color and movement to my hobby room, without taking up wall space or getting in the way.  I’ve seen displays where beautiful fabric samples are stretched into embroidery frames and mounted on the wall, but in my house, wall space is at a premium, so this is the perfect solution!

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