Moody Blues henley

Moody Blues henley 2

A while back, I purchased the Moody Blues gradient in Plucky Sweater (DK weight) from a Plucky Knitter update – such a gorgeous range of colors, how best to show them off?  I used Isabell Kraemer’s Kynance Cove pattern and, after doing a little math, came up with the following formula:
* knit five sections of each of the four blues:  Early Light, Inspiration Point, Cryin’ Icicles, and Big Sky (I left out Study Hall, the darkest shade)
* each section is 6 rows
* use Silver Lining as a two-row “spacer” between each blues section

Moody blues henley 1

The eight-row count for each blues/spacer section worked well because the pattern calls for color changes every 4 rows, so with a little modification, I was able to follow the pattern as written.  My count came out exactly perfect – I finished the fifth section of the last blues color just when I was ready to start the bottom ribbing.  Amazing!

Moody blues henley 3

I used Silver Lining for the bottom ribbing, and as a solid for the sleeves once I completed a five-section of the first and second blues colors (I was originally going to knit the entire sleeve in Silver Lining, but because the top of the sleeve is constructed at the same time as the yoke, it turned out that I’d already began with stripes, so I finished off the first two blues sections in stripes, then switched to solid).  I used Big Sky to knit two two-row stripes near the cuff – not sure if I like this, but didn’t dislike it enough to rip it out after it was done.

In the end, I needed 3 skeins (really, I only got about 1/4 way through the third skein) of Silver Lining, and a partial skein of each of the blues.  I knit size M2 (39.5″ bust) – I thought it might be a little baggy, but it turned out to be a good call, because I wouldn’t like it any tighter (maybe the nylon content of the yarn makes it a fit a little more snugly) – on US 6s (the pattern’s recommended needle size).  I had gorgeous handmade ceramic buttons in my stash from an earlier purchase that matched perfectly.

Moody Blues henley 4

This pattern has a lot of stylistic features that I don’t use a lot but I thought they worked well – a saddle shoulder construction, German short rows, a provisional cast on, etc.  It’s worked seamlessly from the top down, which I love because I can adjust fit and length as a I go, and constructing the sleeves as part of the yoke results in a nice fit.

I’m very happy with how the sweater shows off the color gradient, without looking to “stripey” or too busy.  I like how the fit feels, but when I look at the photos, it seems a little oversized.  Would it tighten it up just a little bit if I dampened it and threw it in the dryer – has anyone ever tried that with Plucky Sweater?

Moody Blues henley 5

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  1. I found the fit on my KC the same as yours…the shoulders are a bit big even when it fits in the bust. I think it has to do with the contiguous sleeve construction or perhaps just a few too many stitches in the outer arm at the shoulders. My sleeves were long too. I did mist it heavily and throw it in the dryer. I am considering doing a wet block and drying it after the first day but just don’t have the energy to do it… I think it’s just going to be a great sweater to knock around in…mine is in my projects.

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