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How cute is this?!  I swear, Brooklyn Tweed patterns never fail to amaze me.  This is Winslow, one of the patterns from the new BK Kids lookbook.  I used Brooklyn Tweed’s Shelter yarn – 5 skeins of Faded Quilt, 1 skein of Fossil, and 1 skein of Almanac.  I knit on the recommended US 6s (US 5s for the moss stitch button flap).  I think my gauge must have been a little off, because the pillow pieces turned out a little large than they should have, but I wouldn’t have wanted to go down a needle size, because the US 6s made for a pretty stiff fabric.

I love all of the small details of Brooklyn Tweed patterns, for instance, the moss stitch detail on the button flap, or sewing the pieces together with selvedge edges exposed.  I had the perfect handmade ceramic buttons in my button bowl, and I used an 18″ square pillow form, although I think that the knitted cover fits a little more loosely than I would like.  I thought about trying a 20″ square pillow form, but I didn’t want the knitting to get all stretched out.

Winslow 2

My only negative comment is that I found the intarsia to be a lot more complicated than I thought it would be – mostly because at some points, I had six different balls of yarn working on a single row (even though I was only using three colors, I had to have multiple balls of yarn for each color because otherwise the floats would have been too long).  As a result, the intarsia slowed me down a lot more than I thought it would.  Still, I love the end result enough that I’m already planning another one in a different color scheme.  I’d love to make one in each of Brooklyn Tweed’s color groupings – purples, reds and pinks, greens, and blacks and grays.  Then I’m going to pick the one I like best and knit the matching cabled blanket in a corresponding color 🙂

Winslow 3

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