Hellebore pullover

Hellebore pullover 1

I’ve been wanting to knit this pattern for some time for my youngest daughter, and finally found the perfect yarn – unfortunately, it was fingering weight, but I got gauge with it doubled on US 6s, so I plunged ahead.  I’m always nervous knitting for my kids, because there are so many reasons they may not wear the finished item – it’s too big, or too small, it’s itchy, they don’t like how it looks, the sleeves are too long, the collar is too high, etc.  I wish that I’d been knitting more sweaters back when they were all very small and would wear anything I dressed them in!

Hellebore pullover 2

By now, I’m down to knitting only for my nine-year-old — her older sisters are just too likely to end up leaving my lovingly knit sweaters that too SO LONG to knit tucked away deep in their dresser drawers.  I knit so many sweaters for myself that it’s like a mini-vacation to knit a child’s sweater – it goes so fast!

Hellebore pullover 3

Here are the specs on this one:
Pattern – Starboard by Alicia Plummer
Yarn – Bumblebirch Wellspring (100% super wash merino), fingering weight in color Hellebore (it took two  490/yd skeins and part of a third, held doubled)
Needles US 6s (US 4s for ribbing)
Size:  age 8 years

The yarn is beautifully dyed – I found the first skein at Knit Purl in Portland, and then custom ordered matching additional skeins from the indie dyer on Etsy (she happens to be a local Portlander, too!)

Hellebore pullover 4

I like the simple, top-down seamless construction, and the ingenious styling for the pockets.  I think I could have got with size 10, and gotten a little more of a loose fit – this one is pretty fitted across the chest, and I wish I’d knit it an inch or two longer – but lately, when I’ve knit up a size for my nine-year-old, the FO ends up way too blousey and oversized, so I went down a size this time.  The real test:  whether she wears it this fall . . .

I have leftover an entire skein, and part of a second skein – if anyone is interested in knitting with this beautiful yarn, leave me a comment and I’d be happy to mail it off to you 🙂

Bumblebirch Hellebore

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6 comments on “Hellebore pullover

  1. LOVE that sweater! And the yarn looks so scrumptious! It would make a great shawlette for my mother.

  2. Ha ha! A giveaway of green yarn will pull me out of lurker land. That color is gorgeous! That sweater looks wonderful, hope it gets lots of wear. I know what you mean about knitting for kids… I came across your blog a couple weeks ago; I think I was looking for a recipe for something… maybe it was canning marion berries? Then I saw that you’re an Oregonian, as I am, and a knitter, and a sewer, a gardener, and have a daughter the same age as mine! So, now I subscribe. Anyway, love the yarn. I envision a scarf or shawl, mixed with purple or maybe hot pink. Have a nice day!

  3. beautiful colour and a great pattern!

  4. I just love that sweater! You are so generous to give away a skein of yarn after ordering your own special dye lot that I want to share with you too. Take your pick and send me a message through my etsy shop. 🙂

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