Pop Spots

Pop Spots 1

Fun knitting pattern . . . and a great way to show off gradient yarn!  The pattern is Pop Spots.  The MC yarn is Twirl Shetland Petals in color Button – it’s a blend of alpaca, mohair and lambswool, and a very soft and fuzzy, natural-feeling yarn.  It was a great contrast with the dots, both in terms of color and texture.  Each skein is 170 yards, and I used all of one skein and probably 1/2 of a second.  This is a really neat yarn – locally sourced, organic and humane in all respects.  I found these skeins at Knit Purl in Portland.

Pop Spots 2

The “dots” yarn is Freia Ombre Grande in color Ice Queen – are the colors in this gradient gorgeous, or what?!  I love the color blends in Freia yarn and will probably knit more of these shawls – maybe next time experiment with a different MC.  I picked up this skein (217 yds) at Tolt Yarn and Wool in Carnation, WA – what an amazing new yarn store, I wish I lived closer!

Pop Spots 3

Freia is a sport weight yarn, so I knit on US 6s.  I ended up having just enough yarn to knit the size small shawl, as well as three rows of garter stitch and a bind-off in the Friea (I didn’t think a lacy border would look good with this particular shawl, and it seemed like a lot of work at a point where I was ready to be done!)

Pop Spots 4

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