Plucky + Churchmouse = two of my favorite things

Churchmouse Plucky 1

I was lucky enough to be near a computer when Churchmouse Yarn & Teas announced its exclusive line of Plucky Knitter colorways, because they sold out completely in less than an hour!  The colors were only available in Primo Fingering, and I snatched up all but two of them.  Now the problem:  I don’t know what to knit with them!  I feel like they’re so beautiful, I don’t want to “waste” them on just any project.  My idea is to use each of them alone (or maybe in two-color pairs) to knit multiple sets of something small, like mitts, and then use the remainder all together – unless that would dilute the colors by trying to combine them all into one project?  Any suggestions out there?

Churchmouse Plucky 2
From left: Bainbridge Bramble, Morning Cuppa, Churchmouse, Ferry Schedule, Sound Crossing, Brown Betty, Vitamin B, Mighty Madrona
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3 comments on “Plucky + Churchmouse = two of my favorite things

  1. wow, these colours are amazing! I can totally see why you had to have them all. I am very curious to see what you are going to turn them into.

  2. Maybe you should wait until you get a larger quantity of the same yarn in a main color and you can combine some or all in a color work sweater. I see those and I think fair isle!!

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