Bargello embroidery

Bargello 1

I’ve never tried Bargello embroidery before, but I was lured in by an everything-you-need kit from Churchmouse Yarn & Teas.  I haven’t really been inclined to try different patterns – instead, what captures my imagination is all of the different color combinations.  I had a chance to visit Churchmouse a few weeks ago and I stood in front of their wall of Silk & Ivory threads, in color heaven!  Traditionally, in Bargello you use three gradients of the same color (light, medium, and dark) and then a pop of a different color, so that’s what I’ve been sticking with.

Bargello 2

My first project was on a six-inch square canvas, which I then sewed a fabric backing onto (I just sewed three sides on the sewing machine, as close as possible to where the stitching ended and the grid began, and then hand sewed the fourth side closed with a whip stitch).  I made a simple tote with this pattern, changing the dimensions to 18″ square, out of some leftover duck canvas in my stash.  I ordered a pair of 22″ leather handles here, although I’m not that crazy about them – the listing says that it’s leather, but it doesn’t look like real leather to me.  However, I do like how it looks attached by rivets, instead of sewn on.

Bargello 3

For my second attempt, I picked up a zippered pouch at Churchmouse that requires no finishing work – one side is mesh, you simply embroider on the mesh, then zip the sides of the pouch together, and you’re all done!

Now I’m working on four six-inch grids, all in different color combinations – I’m going to frame them in simple square frames and hang them on the wall as art.  This gives me a chance to experiment with multiple color combinations, and not worry so much about if the FO will be “useful” 🙂

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