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Nani Iro lounge pants 1

A quick project that literally only took a little more than an hour – and an excuse to get to sew something with Nani Iro double gauze, I love how this fabric feels! I bought 2 1/2 meters of this fabric in colorway Freedom Garden from this Etsy shop, and used the simplest pattern I could find for lounge pants, Simplicity #2290.

Nani Iro lounge pants 2

Based on the pattern measurements, I went with size adult medium – I should have known better, the pattern sizes are always so much bigger than their measurements indicate!  The pants were HUGE, so I had to go back twice and sew 1 1/2 – 2″ seams, then cut away the extra.  The only thing that was spot-on was the length – I only needed a 1/4″ double-rolled hem.  I also had to double up the waistband, folding down the fabric 1 1/2″ twice – at first I thought it would make the waistband too bulky, but I ended up liking the look and feel of it.  I used 1″ elastic, as recommended by the pattern.

Nani Iro lounge pants 3

I love how this fabric feels as lounge pants – it would be worthwhile to whip up a few more of these for the coming fall, although I’ll go with the size small (maybe adding a little length, as necessary) next time!

Nani Iro lounge pants 4

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