Alaskan salmon applique quilt

Alaskan salmon applique quilt 1

I sewed and quilted this wall hanging in only two days, thanks to the kit available here.  The kit comes with the salmon appliqué already cut and backed with double-sized thermo-bond.  All I had to do was cut the pieces for the heads, since I wanted them a different color.  A hot iron temporarily affixed the salmon pieces to the background.

Alaskan salmon applique quilt 2

I used metallic thread to freehand quilt the salmon and water-themed freestyle designs onto the background.  I was able to use stash fabric for the backing, and for once, the thread didn’t break continuously as I was quilting – probably because I bought a sewing machine needle specifically for metallic threads, and I kept my pace slow and measured.

This is the start of my Christmas gifts stockpile – between now and December, I have a long list of projects to work through!

Alaskan salmon applique quilt 3

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