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Origami Oasis 1

Sometimes you see a fabric line and it’s so bright and fun, you just have to come up with something (or things!) to sew out of it . . .

This fabric is Tamara Kate’s Origami Oasis – I bought various yardages of Crossing Paths (raspberry), Floret (candy), Mountain and Valley (candy), Oasis Border (candy), Spot (tangerine), and Show Your Colors (confection).Origami Oasis 2

First up:  a simple tote bag with strong straps for my daughter, who hauls such a heavy load to dance class every day that she’s starting to rip out the leather straps sewn into another bag I made for her.  Dimensions:
— two pieces 16″ H x 18″ W (main body of bag)
— two pieces 3″ H x 18″ W (base of bag)
— two pieces 18.5″ H x 18″ W (lining of bag)
— 7″ square piece (inside pocket)
— 4 pieces 2.5″ W x 44″ long (straps, made by sewing two pieces together, turning and then top stitching)

Origami Oasis 3

Origami Oasis 4

I used the Forty Minute Tote pattern and I like the finished dimensions – however, in hindsight, I wish that I had either used interfacing or batting and quilted the sides before constructing the bag, because ethos fabric is very lightweight and I think I would have preferred the bag to feel a little sturdier.

Origami Oasis 5

Next up:  a whole cloth baby quilt, sewn from Oasis Border and one yard of Michael Miller’s Organic Fleece as a soft, cuddly backing.  I sewed right sides together and turned, then top stitched the border (which also closed the turning hole).  I machine quilted the blanket by freehand stitching around randomly selected birds, and straight-line stitching several of the trees in the pattern motif at the bottom of the quilt.  Quick and easy, yet also so cuddly, bright and beautiful!

Origami Oasis 6

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  1. Wow, this is amazing. As often this makes me wish I could sew, but then again where would I take the time for another hobby 😉

  2. Ooo, yes, this fabric is sooo gorgeous! And I love what you’ve made with it : ) Jen

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