Sweet Tart hat

sweet tart hat 1

This project was my first opportunity to knit with the Sweet Tart gradient yarn set I purchased from The Plucky Knitter this summer:  Fondant, Tip Toe, Tulip Time, and Lawn Ornament, all in Plucky Sweater.  I used Plucky Sweater in Flannel as my MC and knit the hat from the Wurm pattern.

Because the yarn was DK (instead of sport weight, as in the pattern), I cast on only 80 sts.  This would have been a mistake for an adult hat – because of the way that the brim is constructed, it doesn’t allow for much stretch, so you have to be a little more careful with sizing, and this hat is a good fit on my nine-year-old, but not for anyone much bigger.

sweet tart hat 2

I also went up a needle size, to US 5s for the brim and US 7s for the body of the hat.

Because I didn’t want quite so much slouch, I knit only 7 repeats on the main body of the hat (instead of 10).

I love how the bright colors peek out of the “wurm” rolls of the hat, and how different it looks if you wear it on the reversible side.

sweet tart hat 3

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