Wool patchwork cats

wool patchwork cats 1

I love finding new and creative uses for materials I love, like Mary Flanagan felted wool. ¬†Fortunately for me, Purl Bee excels in coming up with projects just like this one . . . their free pattern is here and it’s the perfect use for one of their mini textured felted wool bundles. ¬†I bought Jax Black, Cherry Pop, and Spring Green, and turned them into a litter of wooly kitties for my daughter’s twelfth birthday.

wool patchwork cats 2As always, the Purl Bee pattern pays close attention to detail, like using a weighted oval (they used lentils, but I used polyfil beads) to give the cats a little heft on their bottoms and help them sit upright better.

wool patchwork cats 3

The directions were clear and easy to follow, and unlike a lot of sewing patterns, my finished product actually looked pretty close to the example!

wool patchwork cats 4

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  1. they are cute! My favourite is the green one!

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