What’s Up Doc?

What's Up Doc cardigan 1

I’m so glad I can finally share this one!  Because it was a test knit for Thea Coleman of Baby Cocktails, it’s been kept under tight wrap until now.  This is one of my favorite sweater knits of all time – I think because of the perfect marriage of an amazing pattern and the perfect yarn.

I can’t say enough about Chartreuse – the pattern is easy to read and follow, with lots of clear explanations and helpful hints.  The cabling work is absolutely gorgeous, but the pattern isn’t so complicated that you can’t keep up.  The yarn – Plucky Scholar (75% merino / 25% cashmere) in color What’s Up Doc – is tweedy and has good structure, which makes it ideal for cables, but at the same time, it’s so soft that it’s a pleasure to have in your hands and next to your skin.

What's Up Doc cardigan 2

I knit on US 6s and used up almost every bit of 7 skeins (255 yds/ea).  I debated about which size to knit, and finally landed on 41.25″ – which equates to a size large, and is one size bigger than I usually go with on sweater patterns, but I wanted a bit of an oversized look.  I’m glad I chose this size, as it fits exactly as I had envisioned, but I think it would look really great one size down, too – just a little more fitted.  I made no modifications except to make the pockets 2″ deeper, as suggested by the pattern.  At first I thought that the pockets still wouldn’t be deep or wide enough to accommodate my hands, but because they stretch (like everything else knitted!) I’ve found that I actually like them to be a little tighter, so my hands don’t swim around in them and stay warm tucked inside.

What's Up Doc cardigan 3

The combination of yarn and pattern is so amazing that I have to admit I didn’t even block the sweater, except a little bit on the back of the neck, to really accentuate the wide cabled collar.  I know, that’s crazy – it’s a cardinal rule to always block sweaters, and I pretty much always do – but this one fit so perfect and lay so nicely when I pulled it on, that I didn’t want to change a single thing about it and I was afraid blocking might alter the fit or sizing, even a little bit.  So, I just tossed it on and wore it!

This cardigan took me a little longer than other sweaters, but I don’t think it’s because it’s particularly complicated – it’s just that with the roomier fit and the length, it was more fabric to knit up 🙂

What's Up Doc cardigan 4

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4 comments on “What’s Up Doc?

  1. Yay! and thank you again – you were the best group of test knitters ever and I am so happy you like your finished cardi. It does look amazing on you 😉 Enjoy!!!

  2. I’m so excited about this pattern release! Yours is fantastic; I absolutely LOVE the color! The fit is great…about how much ease did you go with? I’m still figuring out which size to make…I want it comfy but I don’t want to swim in it… I need to finish my Mango Smoothie sleeves then I’m going yarn shopping for this!

    • The size I knit gave me about 2-3″ of ease – I think the pattern is written pretty generously, so even if you knit right on-size, it won’t be too tight-fitting, but I’m happy that I knit one size larger than I usually do – I don’t feel like I’m swimming in it or like it doesn’t fit, but it’s got enough room to feel cozy 🙂

  3. What a lovely job you did! Looks fantastic!

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