YOTH yarn

Bark cowl 1

Another gorgeous shade of the “raw palette” – this one is Sea Salt – in the YOTH Big Sister yarn.  The Bark cowl pattern is a perfect way to show off the beautiful color and the soft bounce of this yarn.

Bark cowl 2

I knit it on US 6s 24″ circulars, and used an entire skein (231 yds) – because it’s about 50 yards less than the pattern calls for, I only made it through the 7th row of the 5th repeat, then knit another row 7 and then bound off in pattern.

Bark cowl 3

The pattern is simple, with only two rows of cabling in every ten-row repeat.  I love the texture that it gives the FO, and I like having a cowl that has a little lower profile and isn’t so big and bulky that I couldn’t wear it on a mild day, even in the fall or spring.

Bark cowl 4

My love affair with YOTH yarn continues . . . now I need another project to justify buying a different raw palette color!

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