Christmas kitty cat

Christmas kitty cat 1

My middle daughter has been asking for a kitten for Christmas . . . you’d think that the three cats we have already would be enough!  But I guess there’s nothing like a new kitten – so I decided to make her a knitted version.  Not exactly what she had in mind, I’m guessing, but I think she’ll still like it 🙂

Christmas kitty cat 2

We saw this pattern knit up at Tolt Yarn & Wool this summer, so I grabbed a skein of Donegal Aran Tweed (color 4742) – all it takes is one 88g skein and an afternoon of knitting (plus a little additional time to add detail to the face).  One thing I really like about the Nursery Cat pattern is that it’s knit all in one piece, with the exception of the two front legs, so you save a lot of time (and potential frustration) piecing body parts together.

Christmas kitty cat 3

The kitty is knit on US 4s, which makes the aran-weight yarn nicely thick and study, so that it can withstand some pretty aggressive stuffing without stretching out.  Kitty is a little on the rustic side, but I think that’s what makes him charming 🙂

Christmas kitty cat 4

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  1. Oh, this is so cute! I just bought the pattern. I’m going to make it for my adult daughter who is going to school in another state, and who has me kittysitting my grandcat for the duration. She misses her cat so much…this will be purrrfect! Thanks for the idea! And, guess what, she is in WA so Tolt is definitely on my must-visit list when I go up there after Christmas! 🙂

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