Men’s striped socks

men's striped socks 1

I hate knitting socks – it takes so long! – but I love how they turn out, and these are no exception.  Hopefully they fit my dad . . .

Pattern:  Mr. Pitt’s Socks

Yarn:  String Theory Colorworks Continuum (80% SW merino, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon) – colorway White Dwarf

Needles:  US 1 dpns

I knit the foot to 8″ before beginning decreases, for a 10″ total length.  I used up almost all of one 430-yard skein, but still had enough left at the end not to panic.  I like how the ribbing continues down the entire length of the sock (until the toe) – I think this will make them fit more snugly.

men's striped socks 2

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