Wild Rice cowl

Wild rice cowl 1

As promised, I am working my way through the beautiful YOTH yarn raw palette colors . . .

Yarn:  YOTH Big Sister – colorway Wild Rice (3 skeins)

Pattern:  Double Basketweave Cowl, by the Fringe Association

Needles:  US 10s (32″ circulars)

Wild rice cowl 2

My only modification was to skip Rounds 6-10 in the final (4th) set of rounds – I had the yarn to do it, but I felt like the cowl was getting too wide.  As per the pattern, I knit with the DK weight yarn held doubled throughout, and the result is so think and warm!  The color shows off the pattern beautifully, and vice versa.

I like how the cowl can be worn either double-wrapped around my neck (so cozy!) or more like a scarf, hanging down in a single loop – I haven’t typically worn cowls this second way, but I’ve seen so many people “on the street” wearing them like this, I thought I’d give it a try.

Wild rice cowl 3

I now have partial skeins of at least three colors of YOTH Big Sister raw palette yarns, just taking up space in my stash – if anyone out there would like to experiment with this beautiful yarn, post a reply and I’ll drop my leftover skeins in the mail to you 🙂

Wild rice cowl 4

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4 comments on “Wild Rice cowl

  1. Beautiful! This is wonderful yarn to work with, I agree. The colors are so soft and “natural”. Oh – the sweater under the cowl? Not bad, either :). Thanks for sharing your work.

  2. I don’t need the yarn, but a friend of mine JUST started crocheting and is on a super tight budget and would LOVE them!

    That is beautiful! I just might have to make one with some of my stash yarn…

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