Snoqualmie house socks

Snoqualmie house socks 1

The pattern is from the Audrey collection, using less than one skein (250 yds) of Snoqualmie Valley Yarn.  Lately, I’ve really gotten into sourcing and knitting with local, American-grown and milled, and/or single-breed/single-source yarns, and I’ve seen Snoquamie at Tolt Yarn & Wool before, so this pattern was the perfect opportunity to give it a try.

The yarn is a light DK mix of BFL and Clun Forest Wool, and it knit up quickly on US 6 dpns. I really liked the yarn, but the fit of the socks is pretty loose, so I blocked them lightly until they were just damp, and then tossed them in the dryer – just five minutes at a time!  After a few five-minute sessions, it felt like the stitches (which were really open) and the overall size had tightened up just a little, for a little better – and more snug – fit.

Snoqualmie house socks 2

If I was to knit the pattern again, I would experiment with knitting on US 3s or 4s, to see what I got in the way of a tighter, denser fabric and a closer fit.  While these are never going to be thin, wear-with-all-your-shoes socks, I like even my thicker house socks to fit well and to feel durable enough to wear . . . well, around the house 🙂

I still have half of a skein leftover – if anyone is interested in trying out this yarn on the Audrey mittens, hat, or socks, let me know and I’d be happy to send the yarn and pattern to you!

Snoqualmie house socks 3

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  1. If it’s still available, I’d love to try this yarn- looks amazing!

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