Honeycomb cardigan

honeycomb cardigan 1

The stitch pattern for this sweater reminds me of honeycombs, and it shows off the beautiful texture and color of this yarn perfectly.  The pattern is Phillipa, and I knit size small (36″) for my teenage daughter.

The yarn is The Uncommon Thread Merino DK (100% superwash merino wool) in color Sorbet, and I used six skeins (230m/ea).  I got gauge with the pattern-recommended US 6s (US 4s for ribbing).

Given that this sweater isn’t overly long or oversized, it took longer than I thought it would – somehow, I’m always surprised by how much longer a sweater takes to knit on US 6s in DK than one on US 8s or 9s in worsted.  I like the finished designed and fabric though, and the color will be perfect for this coming spring.

honeycomb cardigan 2

I like how it fits through the body, but the sleeves – particularly at the shoulders – do not fit as well.  They are too large (even though the rest of the sweater dimensions are spot-on in terms of fit) and they don’t seem to run smoothly from the body into the start of the sleeves.  They’re constructed by picking up stitches and then knitting short rows, which I thought would result in a more seamless appearance.  I think that overall, the shoulder and across-the-back dimensions are too large, even though the fit through the bust, waist and hips (as well as length) is accurate.  Perhaps I could have addressed this by measuring my wearer’s shoulders, as well as the other points of measurement on the schematic, and then adjusting the number of stitches – although it wouldn’t have been as easy as a few more or less increases across the bust, or a few more or less inches in length.  I know I’m not careful enough in checking fit at all measurement points before knitting – I guess I’m always just so eager to get the project on my needles!  And, in my experience, all of the fit points usually correspond well – but that’s when I’m knitting for me – clearly that isn’t the case for all body styles and types.  Lesson learned . . .

honeycomb cardigan 3

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