Pots of the day: glazing

glazing 1

I have found glazing to be one of the most frustrating aspects of pottery – it’s so difficult to get consistent results, and it never turns out the way I think it will!  I particularly struggle with the various techniques – dipping is quicker, but it requires a lot of glaze and I end up with a lot of drips and uneven application, while painting on the glaze takes three coats (with drying time in between), and even then, I can’t get an even application.  Here are some of my early examples:

glazing 2

This bowl was dipped in Georgie’s Blizzard Blue – I like the color variation and wanted the more “rustic” look, and it’s a good thing, because even with dipping, I wasn’t able to get even coverage.  This may be caused by the “toothy” clay I’m using and the fact that my bisque isn’t very smooth, which gives the glaze a lot of minute surfaces to get hung up on or to cling to.

glazing 3

glazing 4

This is a good example of my ongoing struggle to throw a symmetrical bowl that has a nicely distributed curve to its sides.  The glaze is Amaco’s Celadon in color Sky – as you can see, even when I paint on three coats, I don’t get even distribution or a smooth finish.  I like the “mottled” look, but it’s frustrating if I want an even color throughout.

glazing 5

The inside of this bowl was glazed with three coats of Georgie’s Wild Orchid – again, a very uneven look, which was three coats applied with a brush.

glazing 6

Finally, this bowl – one of my best shape-wise to date – was brushed with three coats of Spectrum Celadon in color Light Celadon Green.  While I got more of an even finish, I noticed minute cracks in the surface on both the inside and outside of the bowl.  I kind of like how it looks, but what if I didn’t want those cracks?  It may be that I applied the glaze too thickly, and the cracks developed once the bowl was cooling after it fired, but this color is so light, that I felt like I needed three heavy coats to get any real appearance of color whatsoever.

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  1. These are beautiful Andrea!! do you have your own kiln too? awesome

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