Pots of the day: trailing slip and attaching handles

Yet two more deceptively simple skills, yet difficult to execute without messing up the greenware!

mug 1

Pulling and attaching handles – who knew it would be so hard?  I’m struggling with getting them the right shape and size for the mug, as well as the right angle and dimensions for a comfortable hold.  Once I get it where I want it, it seems that I continuously muck up the greenware – and the handle – with my clumsy attempts to get it securely attached.

slip dots on bowl

This is an example of slip dots applied via a small bottle applicator – it’s actually a lot of fun, but I’ve found (through a lot of trial and error) that the greenware needs to be on the softer end of the leather hard stage, otherwise the slip will just flake off after it dries.  Dots are the simplest way to apply slip – assuming that you can avoid making them too gloppy – I’ve also been experimenting with drawing on lines of slip in various designs, but I’ve found that it’s much more difficult to get an entire line of slip to apply evenly.  I do like how the slip gives the item texture, and how it results in an interesting break-up of the glaze.

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