Fresh palette blanket squares

YOTH Fresh Palette blues 1
From left: Concord Grape, Blueberry, Blue Raspberry, Springwater

Because I just can’t say no . . . I had to try out every one of YOTH’s new fresh palette colors, because they’re just so damn gorgeous!  What to do with 12 colors of blues and greens?  I think that tin can knits’ vivid blanket pattern is the perfect way to show off each of the colors.

I added one extra round of outer garter stitch (six instead of five) and calculated that I can get three blocks from each 231-yard skein of Big Sister DK weight yarn, knit on US 7s, with enough left over so as to not get nervous.  That will mean 36 blocks in all . . . I haven’t figured out yet how to lay them out.  By color family?  In random order?  I’ll have to get them all done and then play around with different layouts before I decide.

Each of these colors is so beautiful, it’s hard to choose a favorite – I’m finished with the blues, and moving on to the greens.  I love all of the blues, but I have to say that the Concord Grape is particularly stunning.  And the names . . . love them!  Why is it so much more fun to knit with yarns that have wonderful names?

YOTH Fresh Palette blues 2

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