Emptying the kiln

pottery 1

I love days when a glaze firing is finished and I get to empty the kiln . . .

pottery 2
Working on my different mug shapes and styles of handles
pottery 3
Painting with underglaze and carving, while the bowl was in the greenware stage, then dipped/poured in transparent glaze before the final glaze firing
pottery 3
Experimenting with slip trailing, and how the glaze breaks on the slip when it’s brushed on
pottery 4
I like how this glaze (Storm) breaks on the slip trailing, but I’m not as crazy about the color I got on the inside of the mug when I mixed Storm with Snow (Amaco Celadon glazes)
pottery 5
Two of my most successful tries with dark chocolate clay – it looks best leaving the bare clay unglazed, and using Georgie’s Perfect White on the interior (or dripping down the sides). I tried white underglaze, but got spotty results – back to the drawing board . . .








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