Fresh Palette blanket

Fresh palette blanket 1

Done at last!  All 36 squares – in blues, blue-greens, and greens – knitted and assembled.  I elected to make it longer and narrower, because I liked how this layout showed off the gradient colors, and because it makes it easy to wrap around my legs or shoulders when I’m curled up in a chair.

Fresh palette blanket 2

As a recap, here are the specs:

Pattern:  Vivid blanket by Tin Can Knits

Yarn:  YOTH Big Sister in all 12 fresh palette colors

Needles:  US 7s

Fresh palette blanket 3

Fresh palette blanket 4

I had to be careful blocking, because the weight of such a big project – combined with the very soft hand of this yarn – made it extremely susceptible to overstreching or misshaping.  However, it dried quickly, and is so soft and it drapes beautifully!

Fresh palette blanket 5

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5 comments on “Fresh Palette blanket

  1. Gorgeous! How long did it take you to make this? I am preparing to knit a blanket, as soon as my yarn comes in. So I’m a little intimidated about the whole project. Not with the knitting part, but since this is my first blanket I don’t know what to expect. You know like will I have enough yarn? How long will it take? Will it be big enough? Will it hang just right? I’m babbling I know lol, this blanket is really gorgeous you did such an awesome job.

    • I know exactly what you mean – I keep blankets manageable in my head by breaking them into sections, and I have a daily goal for how much I’ll knit. For instance, for this blanket my goal was to knit two blocks a day. Since there are a total of 36 blocks, I figured I’d finish knitting and seaming in about 20 days, which seemed good to me 🙂 You can break it down by skein, or color, or number of rows . . . whatever works for you. And the great thing about a blanket is that it doesn’t have to fit you, so if you run short on yarn and need to change it up a little mid-stream, you can do that. Good luck, I’d love to see your FO!

  2. Your blanket is absolutely gorgeous! Do you mind sharing how you connected your blocks?

    • I just sewed them together with a simple mattress stitch – there were a lot of them, so I did a few at a time and then took a break, so that I didn’t go crazy 🙂

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