Cabled beauty

cabled beauty 1

It was such a pleasure to test knit for Thea Coleman’s latest ingenious design, and exciting to finally get to share my FO!  The pattern is called Ommegang, and this was the perfect match of pattern and yarn.

This was my first time knitting with Bare Naked Wool’s Stone Soup DK and it has to be one of my favorite yarns of all time.  It feels woolen spun, very airy and wooly, but it feels soft, not at all scratchy.  It feels like you’re knitting straight from the sheep, but a very soft and cushy sheep!  I used color Marble, although there are many other beautiful natural colors to choose from.

cabled beauty 2

I knit one size larger than usual – 42″ – because I wanted a looser fit.  I chose not to knit the tunic length – I’m too short to carry that off – so I knit 18.5-19″ from hem to underarm, and spaced out the increases and decreases along the adjusted length.

I knit the sleeves in the round on US 6s, and the ribbing on the hem the same, but then found I had to switch to US 7s to get gauge on the body of the sweater.  That was the only modification I made, other than to knit the turtleneck a little shorter than 6″ – more like 4″ – because a lot of times it’s not cold enough here to need a lot around the neck, and I wanted more of a three-season sweater.

cabled beauty 3

I knit only a little bit into the sixth skein (300 yds/ea) – always frustrating, I wish I had a small project to use up the remainder!  This sweater is not a quick knit, given all of the cabling, but it’s not too complicated – just ingeniously constructed and designed, and really a work of art that I think I’ll get a ton of use out of – I’d rank it as one of my favorite sweaters of all time 🙂

cabled beauty 4

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3 comments on “Cabled beauty

  1. Just gorgeous!!! Thanks for so many good pictures!

    I can’t wait to start this one.

  2. Lovely sweater, I
    would love to knit this for myself and I think I would need to make the same mods that you did, I’m 5’2″, how tall are you?

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