Spring flowers come early here in Oregon

The sun is shining, the scent of daphne fills the air, the flowering cherry trees are in full bloom, and the temperature is over sixty degrees – can it really be February?  I know I sound like a grouch, when everyone loves this weather so much, but I could do with a little snow and cold – an actual winter – before I’m in the mood to embrace spring.  Oh well . . . to try to get in the spirit of it all, I bought some beautiful bouquets today while strolling through downtown Portland:

purple hyacinths

Purple hyacinths – does anything smell as lovely?

spring bouquet

I wish I could put together flower arrangements like this – a few hyacinths, parrot tulips, and a bright purple anemone or two, and look how beautiful it is!  Notice how well-coordinated the purple sprinkles on the cupcake from St. Cupcake are 🙂


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