Creamsicle pullover

Creamsicle pullover 1

Quick knit, lovely yarn, fun colorwork, and the fit is comfy and looks nice – this one is a winner!  I think I knit is in a week (more or less), which is hard to beat when it comes to an entire adult sweater, that’s for sure.

Creamsicle pullover 2

Pattern:  Polar Dip by Amy Miller

Yarn:  Plucky Bello Worsted (55% merino, 45% cashmere) – 1 skein of Milk Maid, 1 skein of Push Pop, 1 skein of Melba, and 4 skeins of Fisherman’s Wharf (200 yds/ea)

Needles:  US 6s (US 4s for ribbing)

Size:  38 1/4″ (theoretically, this would give me 0″ of ease, but the fit is really nice, so I’m glad I didn’t go with anything larger)

Creamsicle pullover 3

The only modification I made was to pick up 4 additional stitches at the underarm, and I think I increased the length by 1/2-1″.  Interestingly, even though this is the same yarn as Corvina, it didn’t stretch near as much when I blocked it (although it did gain some length in the body and the sleeves).  One note about the pattern – it’s a little vague about how to work the increase stitches into the color work, and it doesn’t say anything at all about which color to use and how to continue the color work pattern when you’re picking up the stitches, so it helps to be familiar with these concepts so that you can figure it out on your own.

Creamsicle pullover 4

A real winner – I will knit this one again for sure, especially since it’s such a fun opportunity to play with color combinations!

Creamsicle pullover 5

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  1. It is so pretty! I am hoping to start this as soon as my yarn comes. Love the colors you used too.

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