Woolfolk house cardigan

Lowe cardigan 1

This project took awhile, no doubt about it – which isn’t surprising, because the FO consists of a lot of material!  The yarn is Woolfolk FAR (color 02), which has got to be the softest yarn I’ve ever knit with.  It’s a chainette construction, and I was skeptical at first as to how it would knit up for a sweater, but it actually shows stitch definition beautifully, and is airy and “solid” at the same time.

The airiness is a good thing, because if you used a heavier yarn, this cardigan would weigh a ton!  The pattern is Lowe Cardigan by Michelle Wang.  It’s meant to be oversized, but I didn’t want to drown in it, so I knit size 44.75″, which should have given me about 6″ of positive ease.  I think if I was to do it over again, I would knit one size smaller – the fit in the shoulder is just a tad bit roomier than I’d like it to be.

Lowe cardigan 2

I used 16 skeins (although I knit only a few yards from the 16th skein – drat, I hate it when that happens!) on US 7s.  While the stitch pattern is simple, I’d rate the project overall as intermediate, because you have to be able to “read” your stitches well so that you can incorporate changes in the stitch count into the pattern as you increase or decrease.  Also, there is a heck of a lot of seaming – which I don’t mind, and which I think is very beneficial for a sweater this big because it adds needed structure.

Lowe cardigan 3

I wet-blocked each piece separately before seaming them together, then steam-blocked the FO – I think it would be really dicey to wet-block the entire cardigan, because it would be so heavy that it might stretch it out.  The fit is comfy and lovely, but I think I’m going to try tossing it in the dryer – just a few minutes at a time! – to see if I can get the entire thing to tighten up a little bit.  I could use a little less length in the arms and the hem, a little less space in the shoulder, etc.  Also, I’m concerned that if it stretches at all, it will become REALLY big.

Lowe cardigan 4

Overall, this cardigan is what it purports to be – a comfy, oversize fit.  It’s a little difficult for me to pull off, primarily because of my height, but I think it works with leggings and flats, and it is just about the most snuggly thing I’ve ever worn – it’s like tossing a blanket on and wearing it around town!

Lowe cardigan 5

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2 comments on “Woolfolk house cardigan

  1. Wow that is gorgeous!! I showed my sisters, I wanted them to see how beautiful this cardigan is and how I hope to be as talented a knitter as you. Your knitting is amazing! So of course they all want me to knit them one lol. Out of all my sisters (4) I am the only one who crochets and knits. I’m not quite at your level yet, so I told them they are just going to have to wait on that. 🙂

    • That’s so kind of you to say 🙂 I wish I had sisters – I’ve run out of people to knit for, and my one brother doesn’t make for a lot of family members who appreciate hand knits!

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