Spring gauze wraps

double gauze 1

 recently saw an Eileen Fisher scarf/wrap that I wanted to buy, but when I saw what it cost, I thought it would be worth trying to find the fabric and make the simple accessory myself.  I found not one but two beautiful spring scarf/wrap fabrics at Purl Soho:  Kokochi Double Gauze (Silver Grey Dots) and Robert Kaufman’s Veneto Linen Gauze (Flax).

linen gauze 2

linen gauze 3

 I purchased two yards of each, and then split the fabric lengthwise – this meant a length of approximately 72″ and a width of 18″ (for the double gauze) and 30″ (for the linen gauze).  Then I fringed the ends of each by simply pulling the threads out one by one – by far the hardest part!  I fringed the double gauze to only 1″ or so – I couldn’t stand it any longer, since it’s double gauze it’s two fabrics together, so you actually have to fringe two separate pieces of fabric for each end 🙁  I fringed the linen gauge to approx 3″ and then tied the fringes, so they wouldn’t get messy and tangled.

linen gauze 1

Next, I ran a stay stitch about 1/8″ from the short ends of the scarves, so that there was no chance that the fringe would continue to unravel.  Finally, I sewed a hem (1/4″ rolled under, then a second 1/4″ rolled under) along each long end.  I quick press with the iron, and they were done!

linen gauze 2

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8 comments on “Spring gauze wraps

  1. Ohhh I love that polka-dot fabric!! Your scarves are lovely. I never think of making summer scarves but now I’m inspired 🙂

  2. I just loved your scarves

  3. Thank you for posting a comment on Purl SoHo. I love the linen scarf with the 3 inch fringe. I’m going to look for fabric similar to that. Andrea

  4. How perfect for Spring!

  5. Hello,

    I ran across these gorgeous scarves and am looking forward to making both! I ordered the fabric last night and can’t wait until it arrives. For the hems, did you use a sewing machine? Same question on the stay stitch…did you do that by hand on each scarf or did you use a sewing machine?

    Thanks very much for sharing these lovely scarves.


    • Yes, I used a sewing machine for both the stay stitching and the hems – it looks beautiful, and I definitely don’t have the patience for hand stitching 🙂

      • Thank you. My flax fabric arrived today! I’m looking forward to making the scarf, hopefully this weekend!

        One other question…you mentioned that you “split the fabric lengthwise”. Based on the dimensions you gave it seems that you cut the fabric in half down the middle and you could therefore make two identical scarves with the fabric? I have two yards of the same flax gauze that you used. It’s 72″ long and measures about 29″ wide, double folded.

        Just double checking so I don’t make a mistake!

        Thanks again for your help.


        • Pamela, you’re correct – I split the fabric down the middle, the long way, so I ended up with two identical pieces, each 72″ long and 29-30″ wide. You could, as you note, make two identical scarves. I’ve found that 29-30″ wide is more than wide enough – in fact, it gathers so much around my neck, I might have actually reduced another 5″ width, were I to sew it again. Good luck and happy sewing!

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