Easter egg bowls

Easter egg bowls 1

I’m experimenting with bowls – different shapes and sizes – with the unifying characteristic of a brightly colored inside and outside rim, with the remainder of the outside textured and left unglazed.  The colors are a variety of Amaco (Pear, Cherry Blossom, Marigold) and Spectrum (Orchid, Celadon, Cerulean, Watermelon, Cranberry) celadon glazes.  At this time of year particularly, they remind me of colored Easter eggs!

Easter egg bowls 4

Easter egg bowls 5

I’m trying to determine which colors work well – unsurprisingly, I’m having a heck of a time finding any in the red / pink / purple family that I find satisfactory.  Back to the drawing board . . .

Easter egg bowls 3




Easter egg bowls 2

Easter egg bowls

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3 comments on “Easter egg bowls

  1. Do you sell your pottery?

    • Hi Judy – I’m working on getting just the right pieces produced, so that I can sell work that is only of the best quality. Right now, I’m using my pieces as a pilot project, providing them to friends and family to get feedback on what can be improved. If you see a piece that you like, let me know and I’d be happy to send it to you free of charge – as a way of starting to set up a client base 🙂 If you like the piece, then others would be available for purchase and you could custom-specify size, color, etc. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, e-mail me your contact info at andrea.hungerford@mac.com. Thanks!

  2. I have been following your blog for quite some time and I am always so impressed with your talent. You are good at so many different crafts. These bowls are very beautiful.

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