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Socks really are my least favorite item to knit, but every once in a while, a combination of pattern and yarn overcomes my aversion . . . in this case, I love de rerum natura yarns, and these socks are knit on US 3s (I REALLY hate knitting socks on US 1s or 2s!) so I was willing to give it a go.

color pop socks 2

Pattern:  Cream by cabinfour

Yarn:  De rerum natura Ulysse (2 skeins Sel, just a few yarns of Confiture de rose)

Needles:  US 3s dpns

color pop socks 3

 I like how these came out, although even after blocking, the fabric still seems a little uneven to me – not a real problem  for socks, but it makes me wonder whether I should have gone down a needle size.  These are very basic, but I like how the pop of color makes them special, and the yarn does feel squishy and cozy on my feet 🙂

color pop socks 4

I have a TON of yarn left over – I ordered two skeins of each color, so I’ve got an entire skein of the fuchsia color, plus another skein that’s whole except for the few yards it took to knit the fair isle pattern.  Then, I’ve got a skein of the natural color that’s at least 3/4 full.  You could easily knit this pattern in the fuchsia color, with the natural as your fair isle, or do something totally different with it . . . de rerum natura yarn is perfect for so many things!  I love to share good yarny finds, so if anyone would like these skeins, just leave a comment to that effect and I’ll contact you for your mailing address and send these goodies your way!

Ulysse yarn

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4 comments on “Color pop socks

  1. I love the look of this yarn and would love to try knitting socks on bigger needles than I’m used to!

  2. It’s just the opposite for me. This winter I knit a test pair of socks for Tin Can Knits in worsted yarn with big needles. The socks turned out great but I missed my small needles. It just didn’t seem right to knit socks on size 4 needles instead of my trusty size 1.
    Your socks are lovely though on this DK yarn. I think you are right a size 2 would work and a denser fabric would wear better.
    I would love to try out this yarn on a size 2

    • I’d be happy to send the yarn your way so you can knit it up and see what you think 🙂 If you can e-mail me your mailing address ( I’ll send it on its way!

  3. oh, that is gorgeous yarn! i’m the same way – hate knitting socks on size 1s or 0s, but like a nice squishy sock.

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