Single breed yarns


Insouciant cowl 1

This cowl was just an excuse to try out Insouciant Fibers 100% Jacob Wool.  The label tells you that the wool comes from Jacob sheep in nearby Port Townsend, Washington – talk about buying locally!

Insouciant cowl 2

I bought two skeins (110 yds/ea) at Tolt Yarn & Wool and liked how it knitted up on US 7s.  I cast on 156 sts in the round and knit in a K2P2 ribbing until I ran out of yarn.

Insouciant cowl 3

Some people might think that it’s too itchy to wear wrapped around your neck, but I love how it feels – all warm and wooly and springy 🙂  My only issue is with the length – for me, it’s a little too long to wear as a single loop, but a little too short to wrap twice around my neck, because the resulting fit is pretty tight.  However, it stretches like crazy, so I imagine that with a little tugging, I can get the double-loop fit to feel good –  of course, that will make the single loop REALLY long!

Insouciant cowl 4

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